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What a Tanker Game 3

A much delayed game 3 with the boy today. After his birthday, the junior general was keen to try out some of his new Russian tanks. Tonight’s line up consisted of a Tiger and Panther, played by myself, and JS2 and ISU152 on the boy’s side.

We quickly remembered the rules (always a good sign of any set) and advanced towards each other, though the boy must be part Russian as he ignored any cover and headed straight for me.

The Panther did well at first and started to damage the ISU152 but the Tiger floundered a bit with out those vital 1s.

Ivan however managed to survive and after my Panther decided to be sneaky and try and flank the Russian tanks, the JS2 brewed him on the the first hit. We called it not long after that with a win to the boy.

He was keen to stress that the tanks are not painted yet but soon will be. He’s been taught well 😀

Mid Republican Romans

One of the great things about this hobby is sharing a love of history with my children, especially my son. He loves the Carthaginians and the Hellenistic armies so I thought I best get an army to right them.

The mid republican Roman army is an interesting army and one I’ve always liked. The y look great and have a nice variety. The Forged in Battle figures do this army justice.

The last of the Celts

Having half term this week really helped with some painting time. I managed to blitz out my levies, slingers and cavalry.

The cavalry and levies were from Victrix, and as ever, I’ve been really impressed with their figures, so much so that I’m tempted to do the Germans and/or the Dacians.

The slingers were from A&A miniatures and I’m not sure I was overly enamoured with them. The scripts were ok but It struggled with getting the mould lines.

With both the Celts and Romans completed for Infamy it’s time for a new project. 15mm Romans beckon I feel.

Recon over Flanders

I love Wings of War. It’s easy to pick up the basics and it’s great fun, ideal for the children.

We played two games on Sunday, but the last one had the most drama. The children played as the Royal flying Corps with a Sopwith Camel and a SE5 between them. I had a Rumpler and was tasked with taking a photo of a small village suspected of being used as a weapons dump.

Initially I was able to break through the patrol and once the photos had been taken, I headed back to my lines. However the children had different ideas. The SE5 managed to zoom straight towards my plane and shot her up before the more nippy camel pounced from the side and rear, sending my Rumpler down in flames.

The next generation

The great thing about this hobby is that I can share it with my children. This is generational as my father, a keen and very good modeller, taught me how to make models and paint them; I still remember that 1/76 matchbox panther!

My son who has always been keen to paint figures and could always be fond rummaging around my desk. He saved up his pocket and bought his own space marines . To be fair, he doesn’t a pretty good job!

Shermans to the front!

I do like it when I can ensure value for money! Having received some 15mm Americans for my WW2 project I also obtained some Sherman tanks, specifically some M4a1s if you are geek like me who has to have the right version. Although I can’t play IABSM at the moment, my son and I have been able to to have a crack at What a Tanker, and we are having a blast!

Likes nifty little models are from Flames of War and they super models; easy to put together and paint. I choose to go with the US 2nd Armoured division as they had this interesting camouflage for Normandy. However I’ve since read that the brown could have been black! I’ll do a bit more research before I change them.

Roman Cavalry

I’ve been rather busy at work lately, which I am thankful for, but has meant my blogging time has been rather affected. However I have been setting at least 30mins of painting each night.

My Roman army for Infamy is now complete, at least at the moment. I really enjoyed these figures from Victrix and have been very impressed with their quality. They are easy to paint and look good

Now just need to finish my Celts…..

AWI and Perry Minatures

Having become a bit of a TFL fan boy, I purchased Sharpe Practise before Christmas. One of the other chaps at the club is collecting the British for the AWI so I thought I better start on the Yanks

I bought some Perry plastics and I’d forgotten how good and easy to paint their miniatures were. I really enjoyed theses.

I chose to paint them up as the 2nd Virginian regiment for no reason other than I liked their uniforms. I think they’ve come out quite well.

What a Tanker

I received a copy of What a Tanker (To fat Lardies) over Christmas, mainly because my wife thought it had a funny title.

I’ve got a couple of 15mm tanks from a Flames of war starter set so was keen to give the rules a go.

We played a basic game between my two Panzer IV Hs and the boy’s Sherman and Sherman 76 (m4a1s if you are a geek like me and think that’s important)

It was a great game and I thought I had the boy at one point as my Panzer IV sped up the road to attack the more dangerous Sherman, even managing to hit his wheels.

Soon after however, with some good dice rolling, he brewed up the panzer and left it a smouldering wreak. Not bad for a first game.

Verdict from the junior general? He loved it and has even bought his own T34s

Plaid in the proverbial

When I started gaming 15 years ago I painted plaid on 15mm Celts and free handed shield designs for my Etruscans. How times have changed!

Whilst LBMS have sorted my shield dilemma, they haven’t sorted out a transfer for Celts and I still can’t find the elusive can of tartan paint my old boss sent me to find all those years ago; that would be quite handy now……

As i plough on with my Celts, I’m enjoying a new challenge but it’s taking a bit of time to get used to. Still now bad for a first go me thinks.

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